Water Purification Add-on Kit



Sometimes storing water isn’t possible. Maybe you live in a small apartment or simply don’t have the space. This option is designed for you to treat water on the move.


  • Customize your existing Emergency Zone survival kit with these extra necessity kits so that it is tailored to you and your family’s needs!
  • Convenient and easy option to upgrade your kit to have enough supplies for additional people.
  • Perfect add-on for those who would like to build their own survival kit to include exactly what you want and nothing you don’t.
  • Personalize your kit without the added expense and inconvenience of sourcing every item on your own.

What’s Inside

  • 1x Folding 1L Water Container
  • 5x Chlor-Floc Water Purification Pouches
  • 1x Instruction Page

Technical Specs

  • SKU: 9107
  • Weight: 0.2 oz