Roadside Basic Car Emergency Kit


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This kit was designed to be compact enough to fit right in your glove box. There is no need to be taking up extra room in your trunk or backseat. The kit being in the glove box also makes it easy to access in everyday situations.


  • Essential Car Accessory That Fits In Your Glove Box: This kit was designed to fit right in your glove box, making it compact, portable, and light so you never have to be without the security having this automobile safety kit offers.
  • Daily Needs: Spills, grease, runny noses, and cuts are bound to happen, especially with kids in the car. Knowing this, in addition to safety tools we include everyday items such as tissues, hand wipes, and a basic first aid kit to help with those daily messes.
  • Safety First: If it is night and there is no light, accidents can happen. This is why the kit contains many ways to provide you the light you need. We also provide a signal whistle for you to get the attention of rescuers, as well as work gloves to protect your hands.
  • All Seasons: This kit will prepare you for emergency at any time of year, whether that be during the sweltering summer months or dead of winter. If your car breaks down, and you are waiting for help, not having a heat source can be more than uncomfortable, it can be deadly. In this kit there are supplies to help you retain your body heat, and hand warmers to help keep frostbite at bay.

What’s Inside


  • 1x Large Black Pouch

Weather Protection

  • 1x Emergency Reflective Blanket
  • 1x Adult Poncho
  • 2x Hand Warmers


  • 1x LED Flashlight with AAA Batteries
  • 1x Light Stick

53 Piece First Aid Kit

  • 15x Medium Bandages
  • 15x Small Bandages
  • 6x Antiseptic Wipe
  • 2x Butterfly Closures
  • 2x Small Sterile Sponge Dressing
  • 1x Povidone-Iodine Prep Pad
  • 2x Hand Wash Cleaning Wipes


  • 1x Tissue Pack
  • 6x Wet Naps

Survival Gear

  • 1x Signal Whistle
  • 1x Multitool Knife
  • 1x Note Paper
  • 1x Pencil
  • 1x Heavy Duty Work Gloves

Technical Specs

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