ReDo Reusable Hand Warmers - 3"x5"



Why waste your money and stock up on a bunch of hand warmers you can only use once when you can buy a couple of our ReDo Reusable Hand Warmers and be set for years to come? In an emergency, at a game, or exploring outdoors, ReDo Reusable Hand Warmers are a welcome companion to cold fingers without wasting your money. After using, simply recharge by immersing in hot water for 10-20 minutes.


  • Reusable: Why keep buying new hand warmers when there is a better, more cost effective option? With Emergency Zone ReDo Reusable Hand Warmers you can simply reuse the same hand warmer over and over again. On occasion the product can be activated in transit and arrive crystalized. If that is the case simply boil to reuse.
  • Long Lasting: We recommend wrapping your hand warmer with a cloth during use as it extends the life to up to 2 hours. Unwrapped will give you 35-45 minutes of intense heat


How to use
  1. Flex the metal chip inside to make it snap until the liquid begins to crystalize
  2. Gently knead the hardening liquid
  3. Wrap in cloth or keep in your pocket to prolong heat
  4. Enjoy the warmth!
How to recharge
  1. Wrap your ReDo Reusable Hand Warmers in a piece of cloth (or place a rack on the bottom of the pot) to prevent direct contact with the bottom of the pot
  2. Place them in hot water (boiling water will speed up the process)
  3. Keep them immersed in hot water until all crystals disappear
  4. Wait for them to cool
  5. They’re ready to go again!

Safety Information

  • Do not place the Warmer directly on skin after boiling
  • Do not puncture
  • Do not flex metal chip until the Hand Warmer has cooled down after boiling
  • Do not bend the metal chip

Technical Specs

  • SKU: 1501
  • UPC: 857842002842
  • HTS: 2915.29.2000
  • Weight: 10.2oz
  • Dimensions: 3″x5″