Lensatic Map Compass



This compact, light-weight precision compass is designed for accurate navigation. Why carry a compass? Even with a GPS, a compass and map remains an essential tool for backpackers, campers and outdoor enthusiasts. If your batteries run out or you lose a signal, the GPS becomes a big paperweight but will not help you get home. Basic navigation skills with a compass and map can save your life. Why buy this compass? Not all compasses are created equal.


  • Accurate Readings: Our compass is liquid filled. The reasoning behind this is that when liquid surrounds the needle, it helps to steady it. This leads to more accurate readings.
  • Sighting Mirror: The sighting mirror leads to more percise readings. Having the mirror partially open allows you to sight through the notch at the top while looking at your bearings. This can help you set your sights on a distant landmark. This mirror can also be used as an emergency¬†signal mirror.
  • Protective Case: To help protect your compass, we have added a case. It folds over to help keep the mirror and compass from getting damaged.
  • Easy to Carry: this compass is lightweight and compact helping you to easily carry it.
  • Bonus Features: As some added features we decided to create this compass with a millimeter and inch ruler, map scales, magnifying lens, a rotating bezel ring, and easy to read markings. These were put in to help you have a better experience, and make your life easier.

Technical Specs

  • SKU: 4306
  • UPC: 895369001955
  • Weight: 3.7 oz