2 Person Deluxe Weather Add-on Kit



Hypothermia is deadly. This is why it is critical to have some type of weather protection to help you fight the elements.


  • Sleeping Bag: This compact 36” x 84” solar sleeping bag is created with the same reflective material as common Mylar to help you retain high amounts of your radiant body heat.
  • Adult Poncho: Your 40″x45″ poncho only weighs 1.7 oz and comes with an attached hood.
  • Hand Warmer: Frostbite and numb fingers can easily turn an emergency into a disaster. The hand warmers will allow you to better handle cold situations when they arise.
  • Tube Tent: 1-2 people can fit in this compact 52″ x 96″ x 39″ tube tent. It only weighs 10.8 oz, and is open on both ends.

What’s Inside

  • 2x Emergency Sleeping Bag
  • 2x Adult Emergency Poncho
  • 2x Hand Warmer
  • 1x Tube Tent